Check on Your Brothers

All this week is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek so we’re asking you to CHECK ON YOUR BROTHERS!
Here’s how you can help:
1. Ask
There will never be a right time, just make the move. You might need to ask a few times and in a few ways. Don’t be scared of asking – your Brother will be grateful you’re taking an interest in their wellbeing.
2. Listen
Ask open questions like “how does that make you feel” to keep the conversation flowing. Try not to judge criticise what your Brother says, and don’t try to solve the problems at this stage. Just listen and let them know you’re there. Don’t dismiss their feelings, reassure them that these things won’t last forever though.
3. Make a plan
Ask what has helped in the past, or what they think might help the situation. Set some simple goals and plan some activities between the two of you to keep them busy and out of the house. Encourage them to talk to friends and family. If your Brother tells you they feel suicidal, tell them you need to act quickly, you want to help them get the medical support they need. Stay with them and call 999.
4. Build a Support Squad
Share your concerns about your Brother with others. The more people who know, the more people can help. Encourage your friend to talk about it – even if it’s easy to talk to a stranger. They can call the Samaritans any time on 116 123 or CALM on 0800 58 58 58 (from 5pm to Midnight)
We all need support from our friends and brethren sometimes. Just don’t be afraid to reach out.