Bedfordshire’s Past PGM’s 50 Years of Loyal & Dedicated Service

Right Worshipful Brother Michael Sawyer, Past PGM of Bedfordshire was presented with a 50 Year Certificate by the current PGM of Bedfordshire, R. W. Bro Anthony Henderson.  R. W. Bro Mike who was Initiated into Wenlock Lodge No. 6093 in December 1970 by his father W. Bro Fred Sawyer, (who also Exalted Mike into The St Mary Chapter No. 3654 – fulfilling every Freemason’s dream to Initiate and & Exalt his son.) 

W. Bro Anthony Henderson apologised to Mike for the presentation being “Year Late due to Covid 19. He then recapped in warm terms some of the Highlights of Mike’s distinguished Masonic Career. Mike’s first Provincial appointment was to a Provincial Steward, some 2 years prior to him being Installed as Master of his Mother Lodge Wenlock, a position he held for two years.  Ten years after coming out of the Chair, Mike was approached by the then PGM of Bedfordshire R.W. Bro. John Hindle to become Provincial Grand Secretary – starting the following morning! This was a post he held for some 5 years, before being appointed APGM and DepPGM.  In 2007 Mike was Installed as PGM of Beds until he was succeeded by R.W. Bro. Tony Henderson – he of the “Inside The Freemasons Fame” – in 2016.  In all Mike was a member of the Provincial Executive of Bedfordshire for some 21 years.

In addition to his service to the Province of Bedfordshire, Mike was Secretary of the Luton Masonic Hall Company Ltd and oversaw the move from the Centre of Luton to its current location in Bowling Green Lane, and the building of the Masonic Rooms as an extension to the existing building.  A move that necessitated the construction of a Temporary Home within an ex-Hat Factory for Luton Freemasons.  In addition to his commitment to the Craft and Royal Arch, Mike is also member of Rose Croix, Mark Master Masons and Royal Order of Scotland.  He has also been a member of Mark Master Masons, Red Cross of Constantine, and the Royal Order of Scotland.