Bedfordshire Bikers Join the Widows Sons Lodge

On Saturday 9th April the Widows Sons Lodge No 10011 was consecrated at the Hull Masonic Ctr. This is a peripatetic (travelling) motorcycle lodge and will meet on the last Saturday of May through to August across the country. Following the conduct of Masonic business the festive board will generally be held on a campsite and take the form of a BBQ or similar with partners and non Masonic friends very welcome, with the festivities lasting the whole weekend!

Plans are well on track for the lodge to meet in Bedfordshire on Saturday 27th August and details will be advertised when they are confirmed.

Seven members of Beda Chapter have joined the lodge, with Chris Handley and Jason Rickels being founder members. Jeff Boote, Peter Nunn, Mike Glennister, Adam Smith and James Montague became joining members.

The lodge is open to membership for Master Masons who are attached to a Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association and any interested brothers should contact Chris Handley who is the membership officer for the lodge