Around the Province – The Keep, Kempston

The Keep has undergone extensive works during our enforced extended break, so much so that we will have to tell you about it all in instalments!

The decoration of the Ampthill Room (LOI room) & corridor has been the dedicated work of both Bro. Eric Barford and Bro. Noel Horrell, going above and beyond that what was asked of them. All of the added features and improvements are down to their forethought and their love of Masonry. From plain and fairly worn, these areas are now decorated in the colours of the Craft and Chapter, and we now have stencils at high level.


Other improvements include;

  • Many ‘Old’ portraits of past Masons hung on walls.
  • New tracing Boards placed in room & old ones refurbished
  • New Tracing Board table
  • New Masters Pedestal
  • Masters, SW, JW & Secretaries places reversed
  • New carpet

We can’t wait to see it all in person!