Anniversary of Hero saving Freemasons’ lives

Over the weekend of 27th July 2019, the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association held their National Rally in Tamworth. On the Saturday a motorhome travelling from Bedfordshire to the Rally went out of control and overturned as it aquaplaned on the slip road just outside Burton on Trent. At the petrol station on the opposite carriageway the incident was observed by Akim Ali.

Without any hesitation he ran across all four lanes of the A38 to reach the overturned vehicle. Trying to assist the occupants to escape he found the doors to be jammed. He managed however to break into the motorhome and two men, two women and their dog were hauled out. Moments later the motorhome was a burning inferno.

In that moment of bravery Akim Ali had just saved the lives of those 4 people who are all members of the Bedfordshire (BEDA) Chapter of the Widows Sons.

On September 22nd BEDA Chapter travelled to Burton on Trent Masonic Hall along with members of the East Midlands and West Midlands Chapters to meet and thank Akim for his bravery. It was an emotional affair where two of the survivors, who at the time of the accident had only been married for two weeks, stressed that they would not be alive today if not for him. Although he is not a Mason Akim exhibits all the values of Freemasonry and it is heartwarming to know that there are still people like that around.