A Special Welcome for Snowy

Robert Bloomfield Lodge held a special meeting last night to Initiate Snowy Dyson, who was introduced to the Lodge by The Provincial Membership Officer, Chris Handley. Snowy had enquired about joining Freemasonry via the Provincial website, Chris selecting Robert Bloomfield Lodge for a number of reasons, one important factor being that the Lodge either had to be either all on one level or have the facility of a lift as Snowy uses a wheelchair.

To say it was a very special meeting is an understatement, as there were hardly any spare seats in the Lodge and the festive board was absolutely superb. Snowy is not a well man and is facing a hard time ahead, but his attitude, courage and humour shone through last night and he will make a truly amazing Brother and Mason.

The Brethren of the Robert Bloomfield Lodge had obviously put many, many hours of thought, care and attention into the ceremony and it showed.  It was truly a ceremony to watch and learn as to how to welcome any Brother into Freemasonry, regardless of their difficulties, as they worked together to make it a welcoming and memorable event.

It was a very special moment when the PGM, escorted by 12 Provincial Officers, paraded in. It was even more special when the PGM stood up to deliver the Charge after Initiation.

Welcome Bro Snowy to Robert Bloomfield Lodge and we hope you enjoy your journey through Freemasonry.