A New Royal Arch Chapter Formed

A meeting was held recently to amalgamate two Royal Arch Chapters, Chapter of St Peter No 6092 and the Earl of Courtown Chapter No 7653, into the Dunstable Chapter No 6092.

Three members of the Provincial Executive, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, Second and Third Provincial Principals, performed the ceremony of Amalgamation supported by other Provincial Officers.  After the ceremony had been completed the new Principals were installed into their various chairs by members of the Executive following which the Officers of the new Chapter were appointed and invested.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent thanked all of those attending especially Excellent Companion Tim Pope, Past Second Provincial Grand Principal, who had undertaken a lot of work behind the scenes, particularly with Supreme Grand Chapter, for the Amalgamation to occur, and Excellent Companion Stephen Churchill, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, who had worked on the ritual for the ceremony.

Following the ceremony a Festive board was held with members of the Provincial team and members of the Chapter in attendance.