£5,000 for Bedfordshire Refuges

Covid-19 has changed our worlds, and for victims of domestic abuse being in lockdown with their perpetrator has become an increasingly dangerous place to be. More women are having to flee from their homes with their children and with little more possessions than the clothes they have left in. They will arrive at a Refuge confused, scared, disorientated and wondering whether they have made the right decision when their children are upset and asking questions about when they can go home, when they can see or ring Daddy and where are their favourite pyjamas or teddy bear?
When I received an e-mail from Rob Venn of The Bedfordshire Freemasons with the potential of a donation to support the women in the Refuges in Bedfordshire, I was delighted; as were the Refuges. One reply I received was “This is such a huge opportunity to help so many of our families. Thank you so much this is amazing and has very much made my day”.
This donation will help to bring some home comforts to the women and children who have left with nothing. So on behalf of Bedford, Central and Luton Borough Councils and all of the Refuges we would like to thank Bedfordshire Freemasons for their generosity.
Kind regards,
Claire Dempster
Senior Officer – Domestic Abuse Strategy & Interventions, Bedford Borough Council
To find out more about the support available for those suffering domestic abuse click here.