2026 Festival Gets A Boost

On the afternoon of Sunday 4 June the PGM / MEGS, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, 2nd and 3rd Provincial Grand Principals with wives and a number of other Bedfordshire brethren attended the D Day Darlings concert at The Grove Theatre Dunstable which was promoted by Bro Martin Rowe of the Cyril Robinson Lodge.

During the interval Bro Martin presented the PGM / MEGS with a cheque which was monies raised from the sale of tickets for the various theatre shows that he helps to promote.

The PGM / MEGS was ‘Blown over’ by the size of the donation that Martin gave him.  The cheque was for £5,500 and will be credited to Bro Martin and the Cyril Robinson Lodge of which Martin is a member.

L to R, E Comp Robert Curson, Deputy Grand Superintendent, Bro Martin Rowe, one of the D Day Darlings,  RW Bro Anthony Henderson PGM / MEGS