2026 Festival Donation by St Andrews Royal Arch Chapter

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent together with the Deputy Grand Superintendent attended the recent St Andrews Chapter Zoom meeting.

The Chapter were most welcoming and were able to hear the Grand Superintendent give an overview of the current situation in the Royal Arch in general and the Bedfordshire Province in particular.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent  followed with an update on the 2026 Festival and the resources available.

The Companions of St Andrews donated a magnificent £300, which was received with gratitude and recognised as the first Chapter donation to the Festival.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent stated that during the 2015 Festival the Bedfordshire Chapters were a vital contributor, donating some £50,000 and it was hoped that a similar amount could be raised this time.

The meeting was held in good spirit with the usual protocol observed along with some lighter moments and general fun.


Link to Grand Superintendents Address

Link to DepGSupt 2026 Festival update