£1,100 Donation from the Masonic Bikers Relieves Distress

Our Provincial Grand Almoner, Tony Green, recently sent the following message to the members of the Beda Widows Sons, whose fantastic fundraising efforts have once again been put to great use;

Dear Members of BEDA,

In the early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic, you ran a fund raising event which raised £1,100.00 which was kindly donated by yourselves to the Province of Bedfordshire, so I could use it at my discretion to relieve immediate distress to Brethren and their families.


I have endeavoured to use the fund prudently in order to benefit as many people as I could. For your information as I come to the end of your generous donation, I thought it would be good to let you know how I have distributed the money.


I have made, 9 separate mini grants. They have been made for;


  • 2 x Monthly Council Tax bills
  • 1 x Money for an electric meter card
  • 1 x weekly food bill
  • 1 x Money for electric card and a weeks living expense whilst awaiting delayed Universal Credit payment
  • 1 x Mobility Walker
  • 1 x Welfare pack for family making extended hospital visits
  • 1 x Cleaning of a riser chair
  • 1 x Emergency dental work 

The grants have ranged between £50.00 and £300.00.


Each award has been gratefully received and has made a significant, immediate short term difference to the recipients and relieved their anxiety. Prior to your donation and this emergency, the Provincial Grand Almoner did not have such a fund to be able to call upon.


In December 2021 the Trustees of the Provincial Grand Charity agreed to maintain the fund at a yearly level of £1500.00, for the use of the PrGAlm. Therefore there is a legacy which has come out of your initial donation.


On behalf of myself and the Province, once again I thank you all.


Yours sincerely and fraternally.

Tony Green – PrGAlm, PAGDC