£1,000 for Herts & Beds Bloodbikes

SERV Herts & Beds Bloodbikes have been awarded £1,000 from the MCF COVID-19 Fund following a nomination by Bro Peter Nunn of Lovells Bury Lodge.

Thank you so much again for supporting SERV Herts & Beds Bloodbikes. Here is a message from our Chairman.

This year has been different for SERV. Our fundraising was curtailed early due to the virus, but still, we have core expenses to manage.

The way we work is that our members pay for their own fuel, and costs, making us one of the most efficient in the country. However, we still have 4 fleet bikes that we use a lot, especially right now, as we have been involved in long-distance transfers to University Hospitals in London, and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in Liverpool. We have been taking samples and test kits back and forth for Mologic who have been working endlessly to create a test solution.

In the background our core blood and donor milk work has continued. The main costs we face in the coming weeks is for insurances for the bikes, and replacement hi-viz jackets. Each bike costs near £900 a year to insure and our jackets are around £50 per person.

So the donation here will primarily go towards our insurance, and that allows us to keep the bike on the road for another 12 months. Essential to us to maintain our current service offering.